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Lil Wolf Ministries Lil Wolf Ministries

Our other site is located on Facebook, Lil Wolf Ministries.com. Please feel free to visit and leave a comment, prayer or a word of inspiration. It would be welcomed site to hear from you! God bless everyone and be safe.

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Service Dog Blessing for Mr. Lincoln and Katie Bug Service Dog Blessing for Mr. Lincoln and Katie Bug

Service Dog Blessing for Mr. Lincoln and Katie Bug, preformed by Chaplain Lil Wolf 1%er in Hickory, N.C.


http://http://www.facebook.com/MGPTV http://http://www.facebook.com/MGPTV

Check out Machine Gun Preacher's "Last Ride" reality film at the following link. Lil Wolf and Tiny are both in it, and enjoying sharing this with these men of God.

www.jesustougherthannails.com www.jesustougherthannails.com
Jesus Tougher Than Nails Gavin Lightfoot E-mail: nailed@jesustougherthannails.com I have just self published a Christian book called Jesus Tougher Than Nails.
Broken Chains Biker Church, Brockton, Ma Broken Chains Biker Church, Brockton, Ma


If anyone has it placed upon their hearts or wish to send any contributions other than to Paypal, or their credit card, please send your check or money order to:     Lil Wolf Ministries,  PO Box 3088, Anderson, Indiana, 46018

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