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The Time Has Come

Sep 13, 2013

I'm not one to set around and wait til the time is right to say what God has placed on my heart, or to declare it when it is convienient for another, so let me just set right down and show you what God has revealed to me in my walk with Him today.
My husband was annointed to be the chaplain, preacher, minister, or what ever anyone chooses to call him, but it was what God called him and annointed him to do. And it was God who gave him the authority to do for our brothers and sisters out there in our nation, and to all those that choose to hear the word of God and have that personal relationship with the Heavenly Father. His title is not as important as much as the message is that he is led to get out. In as much as saying this, it is also God that empowered me and annointed me with the gift of words and thoughts, and the ability to use them as He directs and not as to what some would feel I should or should not say. I am the sower of seeds.
I had a dream one night and saw three people standing afar off. All three people were standing in robes and had an ora around them of light. One of those people I saw in my dream was my husband. He was speaking Gods words, and through him God was sending out His message to all that would listen. Then I saw myself. I was this woman that was standing out in this field, and as far as I could see was nothing but rows upon rows of hoed fields. I was holding the hoe. I had sweat pouring down my face and was covered in dirt and dust. At first I was not sure what this dream meant, and was very confused and needless to say upset. I was jealous of the robe I saw my husband wearing in the distance. I felt like a pauper in my dream, and wondered why I had to be the one that was doing all the sowing and digging of the rows getting all sweaty and dirty while my husband was all radiant and donned in this long and magnificant robe! I didn't see the faces of the other two with him, whether they were male or female, or if what I didn't see because of my jealousy could have been two angels on each side of him! But I was mad! Over the months to come this dream kept reoccuring in my thoughts, and I still kept looking for the meaning of that dream. Recently, it has been revealed to me, and now....I am ok with it!! Why am I ok with it? Because it is the gift God has annointed me with! One of many gifts! I accept this gift with humbleness and with his blessings upon it. God is good in ALL things great and small!
EVERYONE has a job to do within the body of Christ! It doesn't matter whether you are the sower of fields, the cook in the kitchen serving people, the person digging a well so that others can have clean water to drink or bath in, the person that is up to their arm pits in blood and gore saving a life, or the one that is donned in fine apparel, suit, or a biker vest speaking behind a pulpit or in a field....Praise God we are ALL a part of the body of Christ and our gifts are important to make the body function in doing and fullfilling His word!!
I am proud of my husband and the gift that the Heavenly Father has bestowed upon him. He carries this gift with humbleness and with compassion for all brothers and sisters everywhere. I was talking with God today and thought to myself how life has changed so dramatically for me over the last four years, and how blessed I am to have this man of God in my life! I also thought of what life would be like without him. What life would be like to those he had touched and to those that have touched him in so many ways over so many years and even recently, and one day waking up and him not being there no more. I was saddened by those thoughts. Why? Because God in his infinate wisdom and love blessed me with someone that could teach me compassion and love when all avenues of that had been shut down in my anger and rage over the hurt and pain I had experienced in my walk through life.
Prior to meeting this amazing and wonderful man, I was on a destruction course of self pity, selfishness, and disemboweled anger that left no room for healing or even the desire to want to be healed. He approached me the way no man ever approached me before. He spoke with a calmness and gentleness in his voice, and his eyes were filled with caring and a wanting to truly help and ease my pain and long suffering. He did not push God down my throat or tell me I was destined to hell if I did not change my ways! He merely opened the door of my thoughts and ever so gently spoke of how God had changed his life and how he felt lifted up out of that darkness and felt such peace and love when God came down and spoke to him. My life was like many animals homed into one. One of those being a deer. If someone approached me in a way (Psychologically and emotionally) that made every hair on my neck stand straight up, my insides would click into danger mode, I would send that tail snapping up, like a deer sending off that white warning flag of a tail, to alert others to danger and just bolt away as if I had just heard the click of the hammer of a gun being engaged. But not my husband. He held his hand out and patiently waited for me to approach. As if like a deer, to smell his hand and see what he was holding within it. He never moved fast but always slow, one step at a time, one moment at a time, one day at a time. He helped me to realize, "It's ok to be scared. It's ok that you don't trust anyone. It's ok that you want to be alone and hold your anger in because you have been hurt. (then he would add) But let me tell you how you can let it all go and be ok. Let me tell you how God healed me."
We built up a trust, a friendship that was and is destined to grow, and that began my journey once again, back to the cross and to the man who died on it for all of my sins, and paid my debt and set me free....Jesus Christ.
Why am I telling you about this?? Because I had three things I asked God to show me before I left this earth..... 1. To find someone for me that could not only tell me, but show me what true love was but what being IN love really was like. I thought I knew, but I didn't. There is a BIG difference between a physical love and being IN love physically and spiritually with the right person. .......and He did........2. To restore what was taken from me many years ago through lies, deceit, and deceptions, and to bring my children together again as a family.......and He did........... 3. To show me how to forgive myself and to forgive those that had hurt me in my past, and in my present.........and He has.
In exchange for those things I asked of Him, he has been faithful and just in making sure I have received them. It took MANY years to go around THAT mountain! But I made it!! And I stand here and say I would never had made it if God had not placed the right man, in the right time within my life.
What would life be without my husband? It would be as empty as it was when I didn't have Christ in it. God has brought MANY people into my life, through my life, and in passing in my life. But it took one man with enough courage, enough strength, enough compassion, and enough love to bring me back to where I was as a child in my beliefs, but yet further.
People think being a christian is weak. I think being a NON christian is a sign of weakness!! Show me in the Bible where a NON christian took a giant down with a mere stone and slingshot? Show me a NON christian that parted the Red Sea and distroyed an army? Show me a NON christian that marched around a city and made walls crumble? Show me a NON christian that could go to hell and whip Satans butt and come back out with the souls of those that were righteous? And the list goes on!!.......Yes, your god may have nailed MY God to a tree.....but MY God came back to life after 3 days......and is building me a mansion in Heaven!! Tell me........... what has YOUR god done for YOU lately and what is he making for YOU?
Lil Wolf Ministries will always be going forward, as well as other ministries that follow the will of God!!.................because MY God is BIGGER then YOUR god!
I maybe Gods problem child at times................ but I am going to be Satans problem ALL the time!!
"Outlaw Heart, Face of An Angel" WILL be published and WILL be in the stores because I am blowing the whistle on Satan and he has no place to hide!

Linda Sheppard (SnowWolf)
Vice President
Lil Wolf Ministries International, Inc.

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