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Releasing or Withdrawing the Blessings.

Sep 20, 2013

There are four elements in withdrawing of the blessings.
1. Obedience to God.
2. Faithfulness to God
3. Purity of Heart.
4. Exchanging of Tithes.

In retrospect, their are four elements that can BLOCK the receiving of blessings.
1. Disobedience to God
2. Unfaithfulness to God.
3. Impurity of your heart.
4. Lack of tithing...or stealing from God what is Gods.

When you accept Christ as your Savior, from that very moment that you have become a child of Gods, the inheritance of blessings have been placed upon you. So, how do you release them into your life?

It is similar to being given an inheritance from a wealthy relative that has passed away and bequeathed you a LARGE amount of money. You are RICH!! Now here is the dilemma. You have all this money setting in an account with YOUR name on it.......but you don't have the account number to access your wealth... without the account number....your money is useless. What do you do??? Of course....you go to executor of the estate or attorney and find out the account number....WAAA LAAA!!! You are a wealthy!!

As Christians... we have access to the bank of blessings....more blessings then we could possibly ever use in this lifetime!!!! But for some of us......unattainable. Why??? Because we LACK the information and no how to access the "Heavenly Bank of Blessings" bequeathed to us by the sacrifice, crucifixion, and resurrection of Jesus Christ! We are searching for the "account number" to our heavenly bank account.

I have told you how you can release the blessings, and how you can BLOCK the blessings...... now I will tell you where your "account number" is........................ God's Holy Word!!!
I cannot access your account for you.......nor can I release it with any magic words or hocus pocus.......our account numbers are within the words of God, displayed by obedience, faithfulness, purity of heart, and with tithing's......why does God grant us blessings even when we don't deserve them.......He is a merciful God and loves His children...even when we don't deserve it and lack in some areas of Christian fortitude, He loves us and rewards us as he sees our actions and words displayed. If we want to see the power of our account, and what blessings we have yet tapped into.... I challenge you to read the Word and act on it! Put down the religious fa├žade and present yourself naked before the Lord. Become obedient, faithful, pure, and humble adorned in love, compassion, all purity and faith of God. Do not worry about what others are doing, saying, or wondering... worry about yourself! Access YOUR account to release the blessings, and in so doing...you become an instrument that God can use to show others how to release theirs as well. Stop the Blessing Blockers from accessing your account to your heavenly bank!
The blessing blockers are anything and everything that keeps you in a modernized mode instead of a spiritual mode from following Gods will, and places you in a way the blocks you from receiving your blessings and rightful inheritance from your heavenly Father.

Linda Sheppard-Killip
Lil Wolf Ministries
Sept 21, 2013

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