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Facing Your Storms

Mar 17, 2013

First and foremost, God is not a child abuser! He does NOT abuse his children. God never leads his children into a storm that he doesn't give us the power to overcome it!!
It doesn't matter what storm you are facing in your life, whether it is financial, physical, or if it deals with reaching the world through Christ. God has given you the power to overcome any storm he has led you into!
Just as Jesus rebuked the storm when his disciples woke him up in fear that the storm was going to harm them, you have the power to rebuke the storm in your life!
Jesus looked at his disciples after calming the storm and said, "Why are you so fearful? How is it you have no faith?"
He told his disciples to "get into the boat and go to the other side". He did NOT say, "Get into the boat and go to half way and sink." Remember, he is the Son of God!! There should have been enough power in Jesus's words, "Go to the other side", that the disciples should have thought, "Our Master said to go to the other side....STORM GET OUT OF THE WAY!!" That is what they SHOULD have done and let Jesus sleep!
What seperates those that are defeated by life verses those that rule in life? It is the knowledge of the fact that, WE WILL HAVE BATTLES!! They are inevitable!! However, Unlike the natural person we have power to overcome whatever comes against us! Therefore we must be ready to fight until the battle is won!
If it had been up to the disciples, they would have been dead by drowning that day. But it was determined that Jesus with his determined obedience to the Father stood and battled the storm, and the winds ceased and the water calmed, because he had faith and believed! And because of his determination 3 things happened. 1. The disciples lived to see another day. 2. A demon possessed man was set free when they reached the other side. 3. That demon possessed man that got set free affected 10 entire cities for the glory of God.
All because Jesus chose to face the storm and fight it, where the disciples chose to die.
What was lacking here? Faith. Believing on the Lord Jesus Christ is not enough. We need to combine our believing with faith to obtain the empowerment promised to the children by Jesus Christ himself! When we stand on the word of God, with believing and faith, ALL things are possible through Jesus Christ the Lord! Put on your armor, train, and begin the fight! Be diligent and relentless until the war is won and Satan is overthrown!

Linda Sheppard-Killip

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