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Are You Looking for a Miracle?

May 8, 2013

Remember when there was a time neighbors helped neighbors when there was a need? I remember that as a child growing up (in the good old days...lol) Yesterday while my husband, my son, and my daughters beau was up on the roof working all day, a neighbor stopped by to offer his help. I said, "We would be greatly appreciative, but we really don't have the money to pay anyone, that is why we are doing it ourselves instead of hiring contractors or hired help." He looked at me, smiled and said, "Well I got to have at least a little something." (This man just got off work and worked for a construction company). I thanked him for the offer but said we just couldn't do it. He said, "That's ok, if you need any advice then just come and get me, that is free". And he walked away. The men worked on the roof til 10 pm last night. Because of the debris that fell through the sky light when the removed it, my daughter and I was unable to prepare dinner in the kitchen, so we all went to IHOP to have supper. My husband gave the blessing (as he usually does over every meal, whether at home or in a resturant) and he concluded the blessing adding a head of protection around our home and around all the lumber, equipment, tools and shingles we had to leave out in the yard all night, and he asked that the Lord would divert the rain from the house,. This morning my eldest son woke up and went outside to have a cigerette. He looked around at everything propped against trees and laying on the ground, (My son has his own beliefs but respects ours). He said, "Well, it looks like God answered your prayers last night because everything is still here! And it didn't rain at all." The reason for this statement made was because last night it rained so hard on the south side of town (which is only 6-8 min from our home), that the roads and parking lots had standing water in and on them. Not ONE drop hit our neighborhood!! My son looked at me jokingly and said, "Now, if God could just make those shingles put themselves on the roof!!" Both my husband and son woke up with stiff thighs and stiff backs, so I could see why he would say that. I bowed my head and prayed, "Heavenly Father we thank you for your protection last night and for keeping the rain away, we also thank you for this beautiful day you have given us. Lord we come to you today asking if there is anyway you could help to make this job go faster, than please send us any help. Thank you Lord for everything and we give you all the praise and glory, Amen" My son looked at me and just smiled. I looked at him and said, "I am not trying to "wow" you with a miracle from Heaven son, I am standing on his word and letting Him decide what is best. But it never hurts to ask God for help." He just nodded his head and prepared to go up on the roof with my husband. I know what is going through his head. We do NOT test God to make the unbeliever to see there IS a God, we pray to God that the unbeliever will open his heart to let God in to SEE that there is a God and what HE can do. Our faith is not handed to us in one big chunk. Like a baby new to life, it starts out with small bits so it is easy to consume and help the infant to grow, and as the child grows the bites are bigger according to his growth. As christians we are fed small acts of faith to nourish our spirit so we can grow, and as our faith grows.....so do the miracles when we have obtained that faith of a mustard seed. Because it doesn't happen when we want, does not mean He is not there. He gives to you, what you give to him. The closer you walk in righteousness and purity in heart in asking all things, the more you grow in faith. Our mortal side will always sin. It is NOT our mortal side that Christ died on the cross for, it is our souls that He gave all for, and our spirit within our soul is dead, until we accept him into our lives. The spirit comes to life in the man (or woman) that is offered this salvation. It is freely given to be freely accepted.
HE is not a God of the "WOW" miracles, but he IS the God of those who take a step of faith and belief. If you want to see the "WOW" effect............find a magician.

Linda Sheppard-Killip

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