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Are We Hindering Our Children's Testimonies?

May 3, 2015

Here's the hardest thing I have found to do. "Some times we just have to let our children "fly" on their own AND remove the "safety net". Their choices=their mistakes=solving it/them on their own!" I am beginning to realize, that when I help my children out of bad situations or bad decisions, I am hindering them from becoming a testimony for God (So I question myself as to whether I am LEADING them to Christ or keeping them away from HIM because they rely on me more than they would the Heavenly Father)
In remembrance of our own tough times and pain in growing up, we try to protect them and run ahead filling in the pot holes and pitfalls of life, and in so doing, they never "grow up" and realize that through those experiences they will mature and become wise (and possibly wiser then us!). Fathers are tough (as God designed them to be). Mothers are protective of their fledglings and would go up against anything even a male to protect them. (As do grizzly mommas when they feel that a male grizzly may harm her cubs. Even the bravest and strongest males will back down to a mad grizzly momma!)
God in His infinite wisdom watches His children. He loves them and blesses them beyond reason when they obey and do His will (and blesses us even when we don't). But as OUR Father, it must really hurt His heart to see when we crash and burn as Christians and all He can do is pick us up, dust us off and point us in the right direction. He is letting us become a testimony for others (By his example) on a daily basis. It is a great blessing to help someone out, but when it becomes a habit are we really helping them or hindering their "testimony"? I know you have heard the old Chinese proverb, "Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime."
Hmmmmm......Am I feeding my children the fish, or am I teaching them to fish?
As little children, I fed them the fish....as they got older and more proficient in their words and actions I was to teach them HOW to fish, and then let them go. I have failed in that area with some, as I have failed my Lord in learning how to fish myself when it has come to certain aspects of my life. I have failed in faith, and trust
Romans 10:9-10
9.That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. 10.For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.
All this I do believe and proclaim to all that read and hear. But by events that have recently transpired, I realize that in order to grow and "fly" I cannot keep getting the "milk" of His word but the "meat". It is not that I do NOT recommend to not listen to your pastors, or even to those teaching the word on your TV's (like TBN), PLEASE do it! BUT pick up your OWN dust covered Bible that is setting in the corner and read, pray and meditate for ourselves! Pastors, chaplains, ministers, preachers and etc. LEAD their flock they are NOT accountable for your souls or mine, in taking responsibility in pursuing and growing in his word on our own too (meat), nor do they run ahead and prevent the pitfalls of life for us and make sure the road is smooth and uneventful (that's what your Bible is for) WE are held accountable for each and everyone of our own souls in and by our actions. It is time to quit blaming our pastors, chaplains, ministers, preachers, etc . for OUR shortcomings. The responsibility of them is to teach and lead souls to the cross. It is NOT their responsibility to hold your hand all the way to the judgement seat. (Guess we'll find that out on judgement day won't we?) God did not intend that His children be "spoon fed" His word but to "hunger" for it and want to PURSUE His word with RELENTLESS ambition! THAT is how we develop our own personal RELATIONSHIP with Jesus, and not focus on the RELIGION part of it.
But I regress here.....
I have so much to learn AND teach....but now in order for the "new creation" to emerge and become fruitful, I have to start with myself. It's kinda like stepping into the Heavenly Fathers shoes and look at my children as He has looked upon me. Believe me there will be bitterness, anger and possibly hate. But did we not ALL go through that period of time BEFORE we got saved and battled the Father in rebellion?
Well....today you have heard my thoughts of my past, present and future. It is a "Testimony". Yes, I AM my Fathers daughter, and I AM living in a world of sin. Yes, I AM human and will still continue to make mistakes and wrong choices....but I AM not a sinner, I am the Righteousness of God. And I AM is with me. Thank you to my children and to friends and family for making me realize that there is STILL a lot of pruning that needs done to MY tree.
"Father God, help me to see the wheat and the tares, and to know which ones to follow and which ones you will show me that will be destroyed. Thank you for your MANY blessings and thank you for the people You have brought into my life to guide me and love me even with all my flaws and for me to guide as well according to Your Word. Forgive me for my failures to you and my fellowman and sisters. And Father God, help me to forgive those who have hurt me that I may find forgiveness in my heart in order to serve you. Remind me daily I am to serve you and to serve others, but I am not to be a servant. Thank you Father."
I Love you,
Bless your children but don't become servants to them

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