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Prayer Warriors

 We are starting to build a prayer team. Anyone interested in being a part of Lil Wolf Ministries in lifting our brothers and sisters up in prayer, please notify us. As part of the prayer team we bring those together powerful in the Lord through faith, and wisdom of his word to pray for those with afflictions of health issues, financial, stressors of everyday life, and dealing with those stressors on a daily basis. We come together as a team to rebuke Satan and bind him!

MATTHEW 18:20 "For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them."

Contact either Chaplain Lil Wolf 1%er, SnowWolf or Stormy to have your name, email address, and/or phone number added to the prayer team, so that others needing prayer, or wish to call for those seeking prayer. The ministry is off the ground and doing the Heavenly Fathers work as He has directed. Praising the Lord and giving him thanks for ALL things great and small!!

(These phone calls are confidential, and will not be discussed except within the prayer team, unless you state otherwise.)


For the 1%er Nation, or any brothers seeking prayer, contact:

John Killip (Chaplain Lil Wolf 1%er), (614)-212-3258 or email lwproj@live.com

Spur 1%er, (918)-284-3392 or email barney.whorton@cox.net

If anyone has it placed upon their hearts or wish to send any contributions other than to Paypal, or their credit card, please send your check or money order to:     Lil Wolf Ministries,  PO Box 3088, Anderson, Indiana, 46018

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