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Lil Wolf's Testimony

My Story:

     To look at me you wouldn’t think that I was raised in a preacher’s home.  But, it’s true.  My Dad and Stepmother were devoted to ministry when I was a child.  Through their ministry, they gave me the basic foundation of the believer way of life. I was baptized at the age of five and attended Sunday school every week.  My grandparents nurtured me in my early prayer life and taught me the power of prayer.  Today, as I look back on my life, I cannot deny the presence of the Heavenly Father in every step of my life. His loving touch has been with me in every relationship and event.  By the time I had become a teenager, I placed God in the back of my mind,as most teenagers do in the midst of discovering life.  When I had reached my sixteenth birthday, I was convinced that I knew what was best for my life. I turned my back on my Christian start and the enemy was more than happy to place the veil over my eyes in order to keep me from seeing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. My life in the darkness had begun. It is now clear that Jesus never left me nor forsakes me in every area of my life.  I am now convinced that the Angels of Heaven protected me then and continue the same today.

I am a leader and steward in the school of hard knocks.  I let the enemy run my life for the next 38 years. The enemy had a field day! I was lured by motorcycles, women, drugs, power and money.  In my deep desire to achieve more of the above, I found myself in jail a couple of times.   At the early age of seventeen I was selling drugs and beer on the school grounds. Even though I was on the path of destruction, I was content with the direction my life had taken and good at what I was doing.  The Heavenly Father always intervened.

Before I was twenty, I had spent one year in the Youth Authority System before being shipped off to Vietnam.  When in the service, my activity continued. The enemy just gave me new victims and customers.  After leaving the service I contacted my brother in Oklahoma. He had a place for me to stay and plenty of things for me to do to stay busy. When I arrived, I was introduced to the brotherhood of the Rogue's MC. I immediately fell in love with my new brothers. The lifestyle offered me everything I had ever looked for in my life or at lease I thought until I met the Outlaws MC in 1977. I was now in the world of a 1%er and true brotherhood. I had a family where I felt deep love and compassion.  The enemy was now in full throttle in my life. The Heavenly Father was taking this time to hone my gifts for future impact in His Kingdom.  In my initial years as a 1%er I excelled.   I have a gift with people and the ability to bring people together for a common cause.  I enjoy expanding my borders where ever I am in life. I founded the charter in Oklahoma while working hard promoting the brotherhood. Because of this passion, I became the focus of federal agents and local law enforcement.  By the time I was thirty-four years old, I was convicted on a federal R.I.C.O. (Racketeer Influence and Criminal Organization) charge.  I was sentenced to 20 years in federal custody.  I ended up doing 10 years in Leavenworth Federal Pen.  Now that I am looking back, the Heavenly Father was present in my life behind the walls.  God had sent many Godly men in my path at this time in my life. That’s another story.  I was finally paroled and got out of prison. By this time I was reflecting on my life and looking at my new opportunity to stay out of prison and clean up my approach to life. God had sent many people in my path at this time of my life. Connie was a good friend.  She came to the plate in my life and offered me a place to live once I got out of prison.  Connie loves the Lord and tried her hardest to lead me back to church.  My ex wife begged me to take her to church. I knew how to play the game and had no intentions of going to church.  Church was only a consideration.  My real goal and heart’s desire was to return to my brotherhood.  My stepmother was diagnosed with cancer. She encouraged me to go back to my upbringing and hold on to my believer roots. This impacted me. I remember trying to comply with my early relationship with God.  My stepmother got through to me on her death bed.  By this time, the enemy had taken the beachhead of my life and I found it simple to turn my back on God and return to my earthly weapons of life survival.  My love and desire for my 1%er brotherhood was stronger than my Christian upbringing.  Little did I know that God had an awesome plan.

As I drifted back into my life with my 1%er brothers, I had kept myself in check enough to keep the federal agents attention away from myself and my activity.  I had learned a great deal about how to operate and function in order to stay out of jail.  One day I walked into my clubhouse and was informed that a former Hell’s Angel, Barry Mayson was in Oklahoma for a “Freedom Rally”.   I had no idea what a Freedom Rally was nor did I care.  All I knew is that my brotherhood had a problem with a former Hell’s Angel in town no matter if he was active or not.  I was instructed to check this man out to see what he was about.  I found out that the Freedom Rally was sponsored by The Bethany Church of the Nazarene.  I found the place of the event and proceeded to look for this man named Barry Mayson, founder of The Heaven’s Saint’s Motorcycle Ministry.  As I walked thru the crowd I noticed a man with long white hair with his Heaven’s Saint’s patch facing me.  Being a 1%er all these years, I can spot another 1%er if he is flying colors or in civilian clothes.  Barry still carried the 1%er aura and met my experience in identification and I approached him immediately.  I walked right up behind him and introduced myself and said “you must be Barry Mayson”.  I was expecting Barry to show fear, hatred or surprise. Barry just turned with his peaceful countenance and asked if he could pray with me.  This threw me off my original plan. His response was not the customary way to acknowledge a rival 1%er. All I could do is answer his request with a “Yes. You can pray with me”.  When Barry began to pray I could feel God’s presence like never before. This was the first real experience with God which I have had since I was a youngster in school. After the prayer, Barry invited me back to church that next Sunday morning at Bethany to hear his testimony.  I contacted my ex wife and told her about my special invitation. We committed to go to Bethany Church of the Nazarene in the moring. Sunday morning came, and we decided to get up and go to church to hear Barry’s testimony. Well, being a 1%er, Saturday nights are reserved to good times with your brothers. We had partied all night. When the sun was coming up, we remembered our commitment about going to church that morning. We washed our faces and tried our best to look as presentable as possible. That was a tall order.  We sat in the sanctuary and listened to Barry.  His testimony was like hearing my life in the words of another 1%er.  Barry and his faithfulness brought me to a place that I thought impossible.  Barry’s testimomy started the move of the Heavenly Father on my heart.  The special time that I spent with Barry has many more little stories for another time to share. 

As time went on, I found myself in Arkansas visiting my brothers.  After about two weeks, I felt drawn to return to Oklahoma.  While going up the ramp off the highway to my home, my motorcycle decided to lose its breaks.  Being one that has been riding all my life, I knew that I had to stop my bike in a special way.  I geared down and rubbed my front tire into the curb. This caused me to come to full stop so I could check out the problem.  If you have ever rode a Pan Head, you know that there are plenty of tools, duck tape, wire and anything else that may keep you on the road in your bag.  I found a pin leak in my break line and taped up the problem and moved on down the road to my home.  Little did I know that federal agents and other law enforcement agencies were watching me from across the street from the ramp.  As I understand, they were planning to raid my clubhouse that next morning and they were making final preparations. I was later informed that my name was not on their list in the raid. My breakdown at that moment and time alerted them that they had missed me on the warrants in the upcoming raid. They immediately went to the task to have me added in the raid.  At the time I thought my breakdown was bad timing. Today, I know it was the start of a love affair with the Heavenly Father. The next morning at 5am my front door came crashing in.  Federal agents were all over the place.  I have always prided myself on having seven guard dogs that I thought were great watch dogs.  When the door came crashing in all I could see was all seven dogs hiding behind me and red laser dots all over my chest. A voice came from the darkness saying “Don’t move or we will shoot”.  I lifted my hands in surrender. The Heavenly Father had a much deeper plan of surrender just around the corner. The federal agents turned my house upside down looking for anything they could to keep me in custody.  After a while they walked out of my house and told their superiors that the house was clean.  Remember, I am a convicted felon and a leader in my 1%er nation. They did not want to release me for a moment.  The superiors told them to search the house again. This time they found an old, rusty shotgun tucked away deep in my attic. Everyone in my family had completely forgotten about this old relic of a gun. It didn’t matter.  This old rust bucket of a shotgun was enough to arrest me on a charge of felony possession of a firearm. Off to jail I go. The next morning I awoke in my jail cell. As I sat on the edge of my bunk I heard a bunch of Christian music and preaching. In all my days in custody, I had never heard of such a thing at a local jail. I looked out my jail cell and noticed The Christian Motorcycle Association (CMA) praising God and giving out tracks. One CMA member approached me in my cell and slipped a track under my jail cell door.  I picked up the literature and started to read how to invite Jesus as Lord of my life. This caused me reflect on up-bringing, Connie, my ex wife, and my Stepmother. For the first time I could see where God had tried for years to get my attention.As I sat in that jail cell reflecting I decided to pray. I have never done this so I gave it my best shot. I said “Heavenly Father, if you can get me out of this one, I’ll start going to church”.  Being a deal maker all my life I thought God was a deal maker so, that was my prayer.  Being a two time felony offender, the outcome of this situation looked bad. The next week brought my bail hearing. I filed into the courtroom with all my 1%er brothers. I counted twenty-five.  Since my warrant was an add-on, I was last to go before the judge.  As I sat there and listened to my brothers, one by one, go before this judge, it was obvious that the court system was not offering any mercy to my brothers. I watched as they were all struck down and called everything in the book by the prosecutors. Since I was a repeat felon and my record was long, I knew in my heart that I was getting nothing but a long stay in my jail cell.  What seemed to be only minutes, I hear my name called before the judge.  My attorney leaned over and said “Don’t expect any bail. You saw what happened to everyone else”.  I agreed and waited for the judge to announce my denial of bail.  As the prosecutor called me everything in the book I could only wonder what was for dinner at the jail house. Then, to my amazement the Judge got heated.  She looked at the prosecutors and started to ridicule their approach in the cases before mine.  She turned, looked at my attorney and I and said, “I am tired of hearing how bad the 1%er’s are and how dangerous the prosecutor says they are. I’ve had enough. This man, although his record is long has shown that he has a job, wife and children in his care. I have set bail for this defendant on his own recognizance”.  I stood there motionless, and dumbfounded. My attorney’s jaw made a mark on his chest.  I had to turn to my attorney to verify what I had just heard. My attorney said, “ you are free to go home and await your trial."  While I processed out of jail, all I could think about was the deal I had made with God.  I looked to heaven and said, “God, you did your part. Now it’s my turn to do mine."  I was home on an unsecured bond and house arrest. This gave me time to reflect more.

I remembered my time with Barry Mayson and the Heavens Saints.  I recalled the Nazarene church that was so nice to me the time I visited with Barry. Connie, my ex wife, my daughter, and I decided to attend Easter Sunday services at Bethany First Church of the Nazarene. We arrived at church where I was welcomed with open arms. During the service I noticed one of those visitor cards. I filled one out and marked on the card that I wanted to get to know Jesus. The next week I got a call from Pastor Mark Petrdis the outreach minister at Bethany. We talked and scheduled a time to get together. As the enemy would have it, many conflicts arose where Mark and I could not meet. We rescheduled multiple times.  After some time we decided to make another trip to Bethany for Sunday services. We walked in and sat down quietly. As the Pastor gave his message it seemed targeted directly at me and my life. I felt the conviction of the Holy Spirit. That ever loving tug on my heart.  After the service we started to look for Pastor Mark.To our delight, Pastor Mark was looking for us,  and found us in the lobby. We sat down in a small circle in the lobby where Pastor Mark shared with us how to become a believer in Christ Jesus. I grabbed my wife’s hand, looked at Pastor Mark and told him that I wanted a close relationship with the Lord. At that moment my wife and I began our new journey in Christ. The moment that I had prayed that wonderful prayer for my salvation the whole building seem to have new warmth of love. This was a love that I have never felt before. I knew right there and then that something had changed in my life. For the first time in all my years I had met the creator of the universe in a personal way. Life seemed so different the next day and everyday beyond. God had touched me in a way that I could only express in service to my Lord.

Today, I am the national chaplain of my 1%er nation.   I love Jesus and expect great things for my life in Christ. The Lord is continually calling us to his presence. He only wants a relationship with his creation and desires to spend eternity with you and I. He is a forever being deep in love with all of us.  I pray that my testimony is a witness to you and that after reading or hearing this love story, that the Lord touches your heart as he has mine.  If you have never trusted Jesus as your Lord, and want to give him your heart and follow him, it's simple.  Read the following prayer outloud.

“Lord Jesus forgive my sins. You died for my sins and gave your life for me. Come into my life and make me the person you created me to be”.

Please contact us for any help you may need. Find a good church in your community and start going. Find out what for yourself the wonderful relationship that you can have with the Heavenly Father.


Chaplain Lil Wolf 1%er 

In memory of Barry Mayson. GBNF


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